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872-CORASPECT - +1 872-267-2773
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Strawberry Station 7" Test Pressings Approved!

The second batch of test pressings have been approved, and the records should be in my hands by mid-month.

"Incubus" Has Arrived on LP!

The vinyl is here, and they look and sound fantastic. I will be fulfilling the pre-orders from last year and Bandcamp Friday first, and then I will be putting the album up for sale here. Don't miss out on this one.

Nameless Warning on The Spy FM!

Nameless Warning's song "The Answer" was featured on "Everything All At Once Forever" on The Spy FM in Oklahoma City! This is a pretty big deal, as The Spy is a much-beloved indie radio station in Coraspect's hometown. Congratulations, Jacob!

More Copies of "Righteous Groove!"

Yes! There are additional copies of Righteous Groove! These will be going on sale Saturday, 9 January at 12:00pm CST / 18:00 GMT. These will be available at coraspect.club. (Due to the non-standard .club domain, some browsers may pop-up a warning. The URL is legit, the store is hosted by Shopify and is encrypted.) There are ~150 copies available, and to make these available to as many people in as many time zones as possible, 50 will be made available at 12:00pm CST/18:00 GMT, 50 at 4:00pm CST/22:00 GMT, and the remaining copies at 8:00pm CST / 02:00 (Sunday) GMT. No more than 2 copies per person, period. Orders for more than two, or separate orders placed on the same account will be refunded.

Coraspect In the Press!

Brandon Johnson of TripleOT recently spoke with Alan about Coraspect Records and the Future Funk scene, along with Coraspect recording artists Mélonade, Tokyo Wanderer, and Strawberry Station. (Thank you, Brandon!)

New Single from Nameless Warning, "Treat You Like I Treat Myself"

More Aesthetics Please Vinyl On the Way!

The shipment of "Righteous Groove" by Aesthetics Please has arrived, and the records are gorgeous. We will be fulfilling the pre-orders first, and then we will announce a buy date for the remaining copies in early January.

Strawberry Station 7" Test Pressings Received

We received the test pressings for Strawberry Station's single, "Rhythm in My Soul" b/w "Dangerous" and are reviewing them. The single should be available in early January.

Aqua Fina "Disco Trax" Availability Delayed

Due to some quality issues with the vinyl received, we are communicating with the pressing plant. We hope to have all pre-orders shipped in early January. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

"The Beholder" by Nameless Warning Coming to CD!

Coraspect is proud to announce the upcoming CD release from Nameless Warning, "The Beholder." The design incorporates the visuals of the album-video released by the artist in August of 2020 into a lush, colorful package which includes a 12-page full-color lyric booklet.