Coraspect World Domination: Phase Two

I've rushed this a bit, but only because I wanted to have this Pre-Grand-Opening sale to hopefully help make COVID suck a bit less.

Coraspect will continue to sell physical merchandise on BandCamp. However, the same merchandise will always be offered here at a lower price. I am planning to make some titles available here a week before they go on sale on BandCamp.

Additionally, there will be some releases which will be sold exclusively through this shop.

As this pandemic continues, I will be working with artists to make prices as affordable as possible. Right now, I'm doing this purely for the joy of making others happy.

The website will continue to exist and I plan for it to be an information repository for Coraspect and AVANT releases, artists, and miscellaneous details. I am also looking to add some additional features to make it a more interactive site.

2020 is providing Coraspect with some unique challenges going forward. Release runs might be shorter, but I plan to continue to make physical releases possible for as long as the plants are open for business. I am also examining my options going forward for in-house cassette releases if it comes to that.

Thank you, everyone, for your unbelievable support. This would not be possible without you.